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How to Buy Cars from Japan through the Auctions

Step by step guide to purchasing vehicles from the auctions
Get Bid Permission

#1 - Get Bid Permission

Become a JIMEX Member. An initial deposit is required in order to activate your account.

Selection & BID Process

#2 - Selection & BID Process

Search for your car and be in touch with our auction agents. Our team will assist you with getting all the necessary information to buy your high quality car.

Win the Auction

#3 - Win the Auction

Once selected the desired car, JIMEX® will bid on your behalf.

Receive Proforma Invoice

#4 - Receive Proforma Invoice

Once confirmed the winning bid, a Proforma Invoice is send by your account manager to get started with the shipping process.

Pay First Installment

#5 - Pay First Installment

The first installment payment is required in order to ship your car.

JIMEX will ship the car

#6 - JIMEX will ship the car

Once cleared the first payment, you will receive a notification about the shipment of your car.

Pay Final Installment

#7 - Pay Final Installment

Before the car reaches the destination port, you will receive a request to make the final payment.

JIMEX will send final documents

#8 - JIMEX will send final documents

Once confirmed the final payment, JIMEX will send you the necessary paperwork to release the car.

Get your car from the local port

#9 - Get your car from the local port

Your car is ready to release. Go to the destination port and enjoy your new vehicle!


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