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Mechenical Issues
Body Damages
Missing Parts
JIMEX Global Warranty is an optional service provide by JIMEX that gives you peace of mind when shipping your cars from Japan.

Warranty price : 2% of FOB Price (minimum: 6,000 JPY or 60 USD)

How to Apply

Step 1
After clearing your vehicle from port, check for mechanical issues, body damages and missing parts. If damages or missing parts are discovered, take multiple pictures.
Note: the vehicle needs to be cleared from port within 30 days after arrival.
Step 2
Take your vehicle to service station and get estimation for repair or missing parts (do not repair or purchase parts until your claim is approved by JIMEX)
Note: 50,000 yen exclusion applies (contact you sales manager for details)
Step 3
Submit the following documents to your sales manager in JIMEX
Note: Documents need to be submitted within 7 days after clearing from the port.

Engine Transmission & Electric Components (Breakdown Coverage)

List of Expendable Parts and Items (Excluded from JIMEX Global Warranty)

Losses and/or damages NOT COVERED by JIMEX Global Warranty

Deductible applied per loss and/or damage

Coverage Timeframe