Privacy Policy

All information obtained through the course of business contains value, and JIMEX understands that you care how your personal information is shared and used.
This privacy policy is intended to describe the types of information we gather from our platforms and third-parties, including how these data are processed and used, to ensure that our handling of data is done with responsibility and transparency.
Last updated 2018/05/24
Information we collect and use
JIMEX receive and store any information entered or provided by you through JIMEX websites, third-party services, and any other method of communication or transmission. JIMEX uses personal information according to the purposes defined within this policy. We make effort to limit usage of this information to these purposes whenever possible.
There may be cases in which you may not want to share certain information with JIMEX, and we respect your decision to keep this information private. Although please be aware that certain information is necessary to do business with JIMEX. If you decide to not share this required information, JIMEX will be unable to offer you our services.
JIMEX collects data in the following ways:
1. Information provided by you through JIMEX or third-party services
  • JIMEX collects standard contact information such as your name, email address, telephone/mobile/fax number, etc for purposes such as identity verification and to keep in touch with you.
  • A valid email address along with your name and country of residence are required to create a JIMEX Account.
  • If you wish to purchase products or uses services offered through JIMEX, we may collect additional information such as billing/shipping and payment/bank account details for completing internal administrative duties and for attending to legal requests. This information can also be used to perform credit checks through risk assessment service providers before providing our financial support services.
  • We also collect and store your inquiries in order to reply to your requests, help us understand which products and services interest you, assist us with developing a more personalized and improved user experience, supervise how our services have been delivered to you, and find out how we can improve your overall experience with JIMEX. Communication channels used to provide these services include email, social media, phone (CrazyCall), and our chat system (Jivochat).
2. Information provided by you on social media channels
JIMEX uses social media channels to establish more sincere relationships with our users. As social media channels are public communication platforms, we receive the reactions you place on the content we publish. You may perform actions such as subscription requests, general comments, or direct messages. There is a possibility that we may collect and process this information for the purposes of providing our services.
Although users have the freedom to express their opinion by placing public comments, we reserve the right to exclude any comments that we think may contain disrespectful or harmful content, be in violation of any laws, or be a security risk to us or our users.
The social media channels we use each have their own designated Privacy/Cookies Policy and Privacy/Cookies Settings that prompt you for your consent for them to access, process, and collect your data. This includes controls for you be in control of which information you choose to share.
We have listed below, for your reference, all official JIMEX accounts on the social media platforms we use. Any other social channels that refer to JIMEX outside the ones listed here are NOT official channels. We have also included tools offered by each respective company to help you properly set and/or review your privacy/cookies choices. We do not claim control over the information you decide to send to third-party platforms. It is up to you to adjust your settings to match your preferences.
Social Media Platform Privacy Notice Links JIMEX Account
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3. Cookies (Browsing Information)
Browsing information is automatically collected and stored in small text files known as cookies. These files are placed on your device at the time of visiting a webpage, and allow a website to keep a log of your actions, including preferences settings like display, language, and login settings. These are stored for a predetermined length of time, so a user does not have to continue to re-enter the information when returning to a site.
We use cookies for a variety of functions including keeping you logged in to your account page; memorizing entered information for your convenience; providing an analytical basis that allows us to improve items such as communication with you and user experience; seeing if our emails are received, read and/or deliver value to you; and providing relevant ads that might interest you.
If you do not consent to our usage of cookies, we advise you to adjust your browser settings, update your interest-based ads settings, or refrain from using our website. Most browsers have an option to utilize add-ons to prevent the usage of cookies, and many advertising groups offer opt-out tools to give you control of what you want to see. We have provided links below for both browser and advertising group opt-out options. However, by deciding to block or reject cookies, some features on our website may be disabled. Keeping cookies enabled will ensure full functionality of our website.
How to opt-out cookies from browsers:
For cookies that display interest-based ads you can opt-out through the following websites:
What types of cookies do we use?
1. First-Party Cookies
First-party cookies are collected and stored by us. We use them to optimize filling out our forms (autocomplete), identify your location for personalized website navigation, keep your favorite vehicle list updated, record the IP Address for authentication and security purposes, gather statistical analysis for future improvements, and collect visitors' information to verify the results of our advertisement efforts as well as reach a wider public with similar characteristics.
2. Third-Party Cookies
Third-party cookies are cookies that are collected and stored by third parties. We use them as part of our communication and marketing efforts. They allow us to monitor our website and advertising campaigns, gather general information about how our services have been consumed, and provide general insights about our visitors as well as potential users. They can also be valuable to you when selecting which content you may want to see based on how you interact with our website and other platforms.
3. Session cookies
Session cookies are cookies that remain on your device for the interval of one session on our website and are deleted after you close your browser.
4. Persistent cookies
Persistent cookies are cookies that remain on your device even after the end of a session. Their lifespan is determined by a specific end period within the cookie. They are used to memorize your preferences when you return to our site.
What types of cookies categories do we use?
A. Strictly necessary cookies
These cookies are required to use our services such as logging into your account and maintaining data previously provided.
B. Functional Cookies
These cookies are used to configure your site preferences and settings. They are used in situations such as memorizing your list of favorite vehicles and site settings like display mode and font size.
C. Statistics Cookies
These cookies are used to understand how our site is being used and allow us to analyze what types of improvements can be implemented. They collect data about visitor traffic on our pages and also help us identify possible website errors.
D. Marketing Cookies
These cookies serve purposes such as delivering relevant ads, providing campaign results, and identifying similar users that may be interested in our services.
Big advertising companies use advertising cookies to document what ads you've seen. By keeping a record of viewed ads, advertisers are able to deliver more relevant promotions that you may be interested in. In turn, service providers of advertising cookies supply advertisers with information like how many times a user has viewed a particular ad and how effective it is.
For a detailed list of JIMEX's cookies usage, please see below.
A. JIMEX Cookies
Cookie name Description Type Duration Category
PHPSESSID Records session state HTTP Session Necessary
_cfduid Used by Cloudflare to determine trusted web traffic HTTP 1 year Necessary
myfavlist Record favorite models selected by JIMEX nonmembers HTTP 5 days Functional
B. Google Analytics Cookies
We use these first-party cookies to understand how our site is being used and allow us to analyze what types of improvements can be implemented. They collect data about visitor traffic on our pages, help us identify possible website errors, track conversions, and serve as remarketing tools, which deliver relevant ads and provide campaign results.
Cookie name Description Type Duration Category
_ga Used to identify users and provide statistical data on website usage. HTTP 2 years Statistics
_gid Used to identify users and provide statistical data on website usage. HTTP 24 hours Statistics
_gat A Google Analytics function that throttles the request rate. HTTP 1 minutes Statistics
_gac_ <property-id> Used to track advertisement campaign conversions. HTTP 90 days Statistics
C. Heap Analytics Cookies
Cookie name Description Type Duration Category
_hp2_id.APP_ID Set as the user cookie, it is used to store identity information and user ID. HTTP 2 years Statistics
_hp2_ses_props.APP_ID Set as the session cookie, it is updated after every activity. It handles duties such as session expiration. HTTP 30 minutes Statistics
_hp2_props.APP_ID Set as the event properties cookie, it tracks all properties from addEventProperties API call. HTTP 2 years Statistics
h Unclassified Pixel Session Marketing
D. Google Adwords (DoubleClick)
DoubleClick is a third-party service that JIMEX uses to deliver more relevant ads to its users. DoubleClick uses third-party cookies to analyze what matches with users' interests and how campaigns are performing. These cookies may be linked to or to other Google domains like
Cookie name Description Type Duration Category
IDE Used to track and report a user's activity after viewing and/or clicking ad content. This information is then processed to analyze the effectiveness of ads along with making necessary changes to content to be distributed. HTTP 2 years Marketing
test_cookie Used for confirmation of user's browser support of cookies. HTTP Session Marketing
NID Categorizes a unique ID for returning user's device which is also used for targeted ads. HTTP 6 months Marketing
r/collect Unclassified Pixel Session Marketing
ads/user-lists/# Unclassified Pixel Session Marketing
E. Facebook Ads
JIMEX uses Facebook cookies and similar technologies such as the Facebook Pixel to track campaigns results, deliver more relevant ads to customers, and build new or existing audiences that may be interested in JIMEX services.
Learn More | Control your Facebook ad preferences (For Facebook Users)
Cookie name Type Duration Category
tr Pixel Session Marketing
fr HTTP 3 months Marketing
F. MailChimp Cookies
We use email marketing applications to inform our users about new products and services, provide notifications on updates to our services, and keep general correspondence.
Cookie name Description
MailChimp MailChimp is a third-party service that JIMEX uses to send marketing emails to users interested in our services. The application allows for analysis of user activity within these sent emails and forms. It also makes use of web beacons, which are usually single pixels functioning with cookies, tracking activities such as when a user opens an email. Learn more about Cookies served through MailChimp Services.
G. Unbounce Cookies
Cookie name Description
Unbounce Unbounce is a service provider used by JIMEX to develop and publish landing pages. Unbounce uses cookies to track the performance of these pages. (Applies to visitors of landing pages.) Learn more about Cookies served through Unbounce Services.
H. Jivochat Cookies
JivoChat is a third-party service that JIMEX uses to establish communication with its users. Cookies from JivoChat are first-party cookies and necessary to talk with us through web-chat or offline message forms.
Learn More
Cookie name Description Type Duration Category
TS# Necessary Cookie to establish communication through JivoChat HTTP Session Necessary
@@History/@@scroll|# Statistic Cookie HTTP Persistent Statistics
jv_pages_count_${jivo_visitor_id} Retrieves how many pages were viewed by the user HTTP Session Statistics
jv_refer_${jivo_visitor_id} Retrieves the page where the user came from HTTP Session Marketing
jv_utm_${jivo_visitor_id} Retrieves the campaign the user had interacted before reaching JIMEX website. HTTP Session Marketing
4. Contact History
A record of your contact history is maintained and used for the purpose of developing improvements to our services. They help us safeguard mutual interests and facilitate our customer service team by serving as a reference source when providing our services.
Records stored within Contact history are as follows:
  • Payment history
  • Bid history
  • Chat history
  • Email history
  • Inquiries history
5. Recorded Calls
The monitoring or recording of any calls is used for the sole purpose of assuring the quality of our services and training our staff. At no point do we sell or disclose this data to a third party for any purpose.
Information you have access to
At any point or time, you have the right to access, correct, and/or limit your personal data. Should you decide to control the amount of data you share with us, including the complete removal of consent. You can also download a copy of your personal data. You hold the right to request the removal of your personal information at no cost. Requests for any of the above-mentioned cases can be made to [email protected]. Upon requesting to remove the personal records, please advise that it may take up to 30 days to complete processing.
In order to adhere to your digital rights as a user of our services, here are examples of information you can access through the JIMEX website under "My Orders":
Personal Data
Personal data collected through the account registration form can be accessed and edited at any time logging into your account under the "Be A Member" tab and then going to "Edit Profile".
Car Bid History
You are able to check the history of bids sent to us as well as verify their results. Only bids sent through our system that were not processed can be edited or removed.
Payment Manager
Within the payment manager, you will be able to verify all the pending payments, confirm bank transactions, and allocate deposits.
Financial transactions displayed in this tool are verified, and if there is no confirmation by the bank within 2 weeks, the information is automatically removed from the client's page.
The allocation of the amount is also subject to approval by our accounting department, and it may be reallocated to other vehicles that have outstanding balances as described in the Terms of Use of the JIMEX website.
Payment History
All financial transactions carried out and confirmed by the JIMEX financial department are available on this page.
Favorite List
Available to all users of our services, you have the ability to access and update your favorite cars list.
Personal Data Lifetime
Whenever personal information is given to us, we will indicate how long it will be stored for. In the case that nothing is mentioned, we follow these principles:
  • Information is held onto for the time that is taken to complete the activities we have described.
  • We consider the type of the information collected and any other legal requirements that need to be taken into account.
  • We don't keep your information for longer than we have to. For inactive accounts in our system, we may send a confirmation email notifying of account closure if no further action is taken.
Disclosure of Personal Data to Third-Parties
There are cases when your personal data are shared with a third-party in order to provide our services.
We do not share your personal information with a third party without your consent except in the following situations.
  • We are required to share your information for internal administrative purposes (e.g. payment matters, issuing of invoices, or delivery of commodities).
  • It becomes necessary to disclose your information to comply with court orders, subpoenas, or any other legal process or to exercise our legal rights.
  • It becomes necessary to share information in pursuance of investigation, prevention, or taking action against any illegal activities, fraud, or threatening situations to any person, violation of our Terms of Use, or alternatively required by law.
Internal Administration
The activities below clarify some of the situations where we may call a third-party to process your data. These companies are subject to change according to our business needs. We use our best judgment in regards to which third-parties we arrange to provide our services (e.g. appropriate logistics measures). Furthermore, as these third-parties are entering contractual agreements with us, they are expected to adhere to our privacy policy and are only allowed to use your data according to the purposes listed below. They are not allowed to use your data for their own purposes.
  • Logistics and shipping partners that assist with delivery of our products
  • Cloud service providers for data storage
  • Third-party IT Company for system maintenance
  • Financial service providers for processing of payments, reimbursements, etc.
Third-Party Japanese Used Car Portal Sites
Japanese used car portal sites are well-known tools used by car dealers to find car exporters. We see these portal sites as being an established standard in our industry, and we use their services to increase our brand awareness and receive information about potential users interested in our services. If you arrived at our website through one of the portals listed below, your details will remain in their system until you decide to remove it. Data previously given to these third parties that are received by us are also subject to their respective privacy policies. You should always look at each company's terms and conditions and privacy policy to confirm whether you want to give your consent.
Third-Party Name Description
Japanese Car Trade
Privacy and Cookie Policy
Japanese Car Trade discloses JIMEX services within their site and shares with JIMEX information of users interested in buying cars from JIMEX or Japanese Used Car Trade Companies.
Trade Car View
Carview Corporation
Privacy and Cookie Policy
Trade Car View discloses JIMEX services within their site and shares with JIMEX information of users interested in buying cars from JIMEX or Trade Car View.
Car Deal Page
CardealPage Co., Ltd
Privacy and Cookie Policy
Car Deal Page discloses JIMEX services within their site and shares with JIMEX information of users interested in buying cars from JIMEX or Japanese Used Car Trade Companies.
Third-Party Marketing Services
JIMEX uses advertising and marketing services such as Google Products, HEAP Analytics, Facebook Products, JivoChat, CrazyCall, Unbounce and MailChimp to communicate with you or/and provide relevant content based on your interaction with our services. Third parties may combine these data with theirs for behavior targeted advertisements. Data received by us, given to third-party platforms, are also subject to their respective privacy policies. Listed below are our third-party Marketing Services along with their privacy policy pages for your reference.
Third-Party Name Description
Google Products
Google Inc.
Privacy Policy
Service provider of cloud computing, email (Gmail), advertising (Google Adwords) and web analytics (Google Adwords) tools.
Google Inc.
Privacy Policy
Service provider of cloud computing, email (Gmail), advertising (Google Adwords) and web analytics (Google Adwords) tools.
Facebook Products
Facebook, Inc.
Privacy Policy
Service provider of analytics, remarketing, and behavioral targeting applications. It tracks activity from our site and relays it to Facebook.
Heap Analytics
Heap Inc.
Privacy Policy
A web analytics application that tracks and processes data for reporting/analysis, which we may implement for site improvement and user experience.
Unbounce Marketing Solutions Inc.
Privacy Policy
Unbounce provides services for us to collect email addresses of users interested in our services. The application allows for analysis of web traffic and/or behavior according to the testing of variations in pages.
Privacy Policy
MailChimp provides services for us to send marketing emails to users interested in our services. The application allows for analysis of user activity within sent emails and forms. It also makes use of web beacons, which are usually a single pixel functioning with cookies, tracking activities such as when a user opens an email.
JivoSite Inc.
Privacy Policy
JivoChat provides a communication application that allows us to talk with our users through web-chat, forms submissions, and a Facebook Messenger integration.
CrazyCall Inc.
Privacy Policy
CrazyCall provides a communication application that allows us to talk with our users through web-based call system.
Data transfers, storage and the global handling of your personal information
The main office of JIMEX Co. Ltd. is located in Yokohama, Japan, and our servers are situated in California, United States of America.
There may be situations in which we are required to transfer your personal data to countries or territories that may not have the same standard of data protection as your country. We make sure that business partners such as third-party our shipping companies are adherent to our standards for security, including but not limited to confidentiality of personal information.
We do not sell vehicles or any products for purchase by children. Minors may use only with adult supervision. We do not knowingly gather personal information from children under the legal age of majority according to each specific country we deal with.
Security Measures
We aim to ensure that your information is secure at every step of processing, and that is why we implement the following measures to protect it when it is being sent or handled.
  • Secure browsing via our official website (SSL Certificate)
  • Educate employees - Social media protocol, internet usage policies
  • Planning and preparing for a security breach
  • Data backup
  • Firewall
Contact Information
If you have any questions concerning our handling of your personal information, would like to request a copy, amend, or delete your personal data, or provide feedback regarding our privacy policy, please email us at [email protected] or send physical mail to the following address.
Website Description Address/Contact Information Privacy Policy / Cookies Policy Official JIMEX commercial website used to inform and offer JIMEX services. Jimex Co. Ltd.
MPS Kannai 1F, 1-6-1 Sumiyoshi-cho Naka-ku Yokohama/Japan 231-0013

Email: [email protected]
Privacy Policy

Cookie Policy Official JIMEX commercial subdomain used to inform and offer JIMEX services. JIMEX platform used for assisting customers with Japan Car Auctions. JIMEX platform used for document and record keeping and internal communication.
Changes to this Privacy Policy
In order to develop and improve our services for you, we may be required to update our privacy policy every now and then to accurately inform you of our policies. We will post any changes to our privacy policy below for your confirmation and review. Please be aware there may be cases required by law that force us to make changes immediately without prior notification.
You are able to withdraw consent at any time by changing settings in your account or making requests to [email protected].