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About Us

Company Overview

Company Overview

Established in 2007, JIMEX is a global exporter of used & new vehicles with our head office in the heart of Yokohama, Japan and local offices in Mongolia, Myanmar and Georgia.
Every year since 2010 JIMEX has been ranked as one of the top exporters of pre-owned vehicles with multiple prestigious awards as well as a global network of loyal customers. Our goal is to offer the highest quality cars, with superior customer service and competitive prices.
Office Staff
We offer a wide variety of Japanese vehicles, from sedans to buses, tractors to trucks, motorbikes and even car parts. Every year we export 8,000+ units to South America, Europe, East Africa, Oceania as well as across Central and South-Asia.
We are able to do this because our advanced blue print technology offers our customers the chance to participate directly in the Japanese vehicle auctions where they can select their perfect car from the 50,000+ vehicles on offer every day. We help our customers with bids, careful inspection of each vehicle and precise shipping procedure.
To date JIMEX has successfully helped more than 3,000+ clients to start businesses in over 50 countries, and this number continues to grow. With our highly qualified, multinational staff you can be sure about getting the support you deserve.
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Finding your perfect Japanese pre-owned vehicles has never been easier than with JIMEX.

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